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Yes, my birthday is happening soon

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Over the weekend, we went to check out Craft, Tom Colicchio’s restaurant here in Los Angeles, and it was amazing.  We try to check out one really fancy high-class restaurant every year, and I always make Billy order the tasting menu (with the wine pairings) and we are usually so stuffed that we can’t really stand up anymore, and don’t actually want to ever, ever, ever eat again.  This trip was no exception. I can’t even remember everything we ate.  There were five courses. One of them had strawberry sorbet, I remember that.  The rest of the evening is a bit of a blur.  I remember that the waiter thought we were lame for ordering the tasting menu.  I remember that we parked in the same parking garage where I used to park when I had worked at the Shubert Theatre, when there was a Shubert Theatre.

See that big glass building behind me?  That’s where it once was. It was an awesome theatre, and the place where I finally felt like I belonged here in Los Angeles.  I have a couple of photos from the lobby that the management team gave away in what they called “The Wrecking Ball” – an evening where they invited theatre artists to come and tell stories about the place, sing onstage, tunnel through the backstage corridors, and generally enjoy the place before it was torn down. At least there is amazing food there now. We’ll always have that, I suppose.