Vroom, Vroom

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I have a few photos to post from this past weekend, but here’s something to whet the appetite. On Saturday, I was able to visit the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI, and this photo is of myself and my host, Kristine. She’s a doll, and I’m so glad that we were able to spend some time together, and get to know each other better.

I am not really the motorcycle type, although I have nothing against them – I dunno if I would ever purchase one, or try to ride someone else’s. I don’t have much experience with them, aside from being a tiny kid and riding in the front of my dad’s dirt bike through the backwoods trails nearby my parent’s house in Indiana. He was the rider, I was the passenger. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, there is a lot to learn about Harley Davidson motorcycles that I didn’t realize. I didn’t know that there were four people who founded the company, and that one had the last name of Harley, and the remaining three were Davidson brothers. It all began in a small one room shed that was 10′ x 15′ and grew from there. Mostly olive green dirt bikes, they had boxy fuel tanks, and looked very “world war one” even before WWI. That must have been why they became so popular for use in the war – they were profoundly useful, and already painted for camouflage.

The museum continues to detail the purchase of the company by AMF, and the eventual buy-back, that formed the catalyst for the motto “The Eagle Soars Alone.” The museum even features a motorcycle that was eventually found in Alaska that had been stored in a shipping container in Japan at the time of the tsunami that dragged it out to sea for several months and wreaked havoc on it.  Very cool, very cool indeed.