They’ve been out of high school for 50 years!

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See that photo of my parents? This past weekend they met up with their old high school friends at their 50th High School Reunion.


My mom’s school has long been torn down, and they decided this year to have a reunion for the entire school, with a brunch and short program, followed by an “after reunion” gathering at one friend’s home for just my mom’s class year.  I think my mom looks amazing here. The earrings, the bracelet – that smile. My sister took the photo, and you can tell that my dad thinks she looks pretty good too. I hear that they had a great time catching up, and seeing people they don’t get to see very often.  That’s the best part about high school isn’t it? Having a common experience that defines us, and ties us together, and knowing that 50 years after we graduate, that bond will still be there.


Happy 50th Reunion, Mom.