That’s me, the 9th window back

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So. Today I got onto an airplane, and threw myself 14 hours into the future. That’s right, I crossed the international date line, and I am now sitting at approximately 35,000 feet above the surface of the earth.  I didn’t realize this before we started this trip, but the flight has charted a northern route, following the landmass of North America, and then dropping down along the coast of Asia.

I am not sure why. I sort of remember being in high school and a really fat teacher of mine trying to explain that sometimes a direct route across the globe is a greater distance than taking advantage of the curve of the earth as an effective shortcut. It doesn’t really make any sense to me.  I mean, if you could lay a string across a globe in both of these routes, it seems like the northern route would be a longer string, but I’m no genius about things like this.

Of course, this could all be due to jet stream patterns, and storms, and tides, but I’d prefer to only think about string lengths.