Taking Compliments, as they come

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In my life, I think I’ve received two compliments that touched me to the core of my being…  The first was probably 8-10 years ago, when the props master at a theatre where I was working said to me that he ” could see in my designs a joy, kindness and love of life, and that I gave these designs without ever forgetting my humanity.”  – or something close to that effect.  There was something wonderful in that, in doing work, but also remaining a human being, with all of the frailties and vulnerabilities that are associated with being human.

The second, was just a few days ago, when Raun, one of the stagehands (and former lighting designer) wrote the following to me:


I have to tell you, I think your work on Miss Saigon is nothing less than phenomenal. It is everything a lighting design should be: unified yet varied and unfolding in time; themed; witty; sub-textual; and most amazing to me, brilliantly selective, in that it shows only what needs to be shown and the rest is merely suggested. That’s some mighty fancy lightin’, son.


Thanks Raun, I’ll try all my days to be worthy of those words.