MDWK-Logo1400Steven is one half of the Podcast “My Dinner with Kenny” a twice monthly general discussion of life, the arts, politics, entertainment news and assorted hijinks.  Gathering at a Panera Restaurant in Studio City, CA, they are barely heard over the din of the diners.

Get it?  The din of the diners?  Wow, they are clever. Anyway, they usually eat the Pick 2 combo meals, and then share a cookie or two.  Kenny speaks eloquently, and at length, and well, Steven stutters a lot.


Steven Young

Steven is a Lighting Designer for theatre, live events, and architecture.  As Director of Design for Visual Terrain, Steven has designed several large and small projects here in Los Angeles, and around the world. Steven is opinionated and not afraid to voice his thoughts, but often his tongue gets in the way of any awesome oration.

Ken Werther

Ken Werther Publicity

Ken began his career in public relations at Norman Lear’s Embassy Television in 1982. Over the last 30 years, he has handled PR for countless theatres, theatre companies, plays, musicals, personalities, benefit events, and more. He has also produced several plays, and served as assistant director on two musicals. Ken is a member of the Association of Theatrical Press Agents and Managers, and the Publicists Guild of America.


This podcast is also available at Ken Werther’s site, or you can subscribe on iTunes – just search for My Dinner with Kenny. If you’d like to leave a comment, or to tell us how amazing you think we are, just click on any episode title and leave a comment below the podcast player.


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