Chinese Food on Lake Avenue

Once every few months… some Chinese Food must happen

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and that time was last night.  Yum.

There is a really ghetto cinderblock chinese restaurant with all of five tables where I sometimes buy dinner… I wait for my food to be made with at least two or three other people in a very brightly illuminated white room, where one cook, and one order-taker prepare the most amazing food.

I always order the Egg Foo Yong.  Young? Yung? I can’t remember how to spell it.  I did a little research recently, to see what is actually inside that tastiness, and found out that this dish is considered the Chinese version of an omelette, made primarily from bean sprouts, water chestnuts, assorted other crazy vegetables, and fried into a patty like shape, and then coated with some sort of brown gravy.  That gravy always needs more soy sauce saltiness for me, but after that…  it is all HEAVEN.