On the road…. Florida or bust. 

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So.  I was duped. Conned. Swindled.

They said to me…  Do you have to work right after Christmas?

No, not really.  I mean, I’d like to be back before New Years, but that’s all.

Great.  Then you are coming with us.

And that’s how it happened. I had somehow agreed to travel with my mom, my dad, my sister, her husband, and even little dog Ande from Indiana down to Sarasota in a 36 foot long RV.  There is a bed in the back, on top of the loudest part of the RV and then a bathroom with toilet and vanity on one side of the hallway, and a shower on the other, then a small kitchen area, then a small living room area – fronted by two captains chairs looking out over the highway.  36 feet of rumbling steel and 80s style decor reaching speeds 65 to 70 miles per hour.  I hear it’s about 18 hours of driving time.

What could go wrong?

Check back to read more about this frankly I’ll-advised trip as it happens.

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