My Dinner with Kenny March 28,2013

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Through a stroke of luck, even though Kenny was out of town, star of stage and screen Rod Keller agreed to sit down and chat with me for this special episode.  Join Steven and Rod as they discuss hair perms, baskets, Six Dance Lessons and more.

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Rod Keller is an Ovation award-winning Los Angeles based actor known for his quirky good looks, insane talent, and razor sharp wit.  Appearing in such motion pictures as He’s Just Not That Into You, Johan Hex, and A Guy, A Girl, a Space Helmet, Rod brings his warmth and hilarious comedic timing to the silver screen. Rod has also appeared on television, guest starring in episodes of CBS’ hit series Two Broke Girls and NCIS, not to mention his broadway role in the acclaimed revival of Big River.

Stay tuned for next week’s regularly staffed podcast and hear all about Kenny’s trip deep into the OC, plus some insider info about the podcast’s bunker location…