My dad is pretty dang cool

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It is true.  My dad spoils me.  I don’t think he tells my mom, but secretly he gives me little gadgets and cool gizmos almost everytime I see him. Now, that isn’t actually all that often, so, there are natural checks and balances to this unsanctioned giving, and in my mind, that makes it all ok.

Every gift my dad has given to me, I use almost daily.  His gifts are cool, and also incredibly useful.  Ask me how cold the air is coming from the vent over my office desk, and I know – it’s usually around 57 degrees, and that makes me a little insane.

This Christmas, my dad gave me two of the LED light bulbs that he had acquired this past year.  One was this beauty from Philips.  Ok, it isn’t the L-Prize winner, I still don’t own one of those, and I really want one of those.  However, the Home Depot near my house offers the same lamps, and I was abel to grab two more to update the lights at my bathroom vanity.

They rock, and they look great!  Ok, they are super bright, but they dim really well, and don’t flicker at the bottom of the dimming curve like other LED light bulbs do.

These lamps are 12 watts each, meaning that the three of them are 36 watts total.  Before, we were using three 40 watt Reveal lamps, to give that crisp clean light without the dingy yellowing of traditional incandescent lamps.

40 watts, at the time, felt kind of responsible, like we could have used 100 watt lamps, and we CHOSE to use lower wattage lamps, thus saving electricity.

But really, take a look!  The new LEDs are using less energy than just ONE of the previous bulbs!

How cool is that?

Oh, and for the record, Billy uses the new LED lights at FULL power, cause he likes how crazy bright they are.