Katy Perry, rocking Hollywoodland

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Sunday evening, and I’m sitting on the couch, watching Katy Perry on the appletv in her documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me. I really like her. She is all about being yourself, being a little off, being human – and certainly about not being ashamed of any of it. The movie chronicles her 2011 world tour, and as a bit of backstory, they show her as a teenager, as a young person learning to be herself and not what she always thought she wanted based on her upbringing… And then, well, the whole movie feels like an E! True Hollywood Story, and they montage through various landmarks of Los Angeles, and talk about her move to Hollywood…


You know, that little shop across from Hollywood and Highland, next to Jimmy Kimmel Live, with those giant letters that spell out:


Those letters were lit by peeps in my office, Visual Terrain, and I remember the early days of that design, when I did a lighting test in the shop while it was just concrete and boxes, and not a store yet at all. Very cool to see a tiny little project that I had a small part in becoming a symbol of Hollywood and Los Angeles.