I’m just infatuated with sound

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I can’t help it. I’m so driven to try to actually not let this podcast best me. I’m not great at figuring out how to make it SOUND like people talking, and not robots inside tin cans. YOu would think that it wouldn’t be that difficult – plug in some microphones, hit record. upload.
NOOOOO. There is a gain knob on the mic, and a gain slider in the computer’s microphone device, and then a gain scale in the recording application, and they ALL want to be in charge. Yet, none really are.
My pal Drew Dalzell offered to help me out. He’s a fancy sound designer here in Los Angeles, and better yet, he’s a neighbor. I’ve known Drew for many many years, I think we met doing Side Show at the Colony ages ago, and we are close to the same age, even though we went to school in Cincinnati at different times. Drew owns his own company, called Diablo Sound and he does some awesome stuff for Nickelodeon, and he also does all of the sound for Universal Studios Hollywood’s annual Halloween Horror Nights.
He keeps himself pretty dang busy.
That’s why I was thrilled that he took some time to help me set up the podcast so that it sucks a little less.
If you aren’t listening to it, well, then you are pretty much telling Drew that you don’t appreciate his work. Don’t you think?