I’m going to die.

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And when I do (which hopefully won’t be for many many years) I hope that no one tries to memorialize me with a dedication sticker on the back of a car.  Or a SUV.  Or even a spaceship – as cool as that sounds.

Maybe this trend isn’t popular where you live, but here in sunny California, seems like there are dozens of cars seen each week with some sort of message about a car dedication to a loved one that has passed on to the afterlife. It just sickens me.  I mean really, how long will the car last anyway?  Ten years?  100,000 miles? and really what about the sticker?  Is it going to last ten years??

If I’m not going to have a library named after me, or a performing arts center, or a statue in a park (no not those creepy statues), then I definitely don’t want A CAR dedicated to me!

How embarrassing.  Do these people have so little respect for their loved ones that a bit of rubber, aluminum and rich corinthian leather seems like an appropriate expression of their affection?  Yuck, no.  Not for me, not ever. Don’t even try it.  I will come back as a ghost and haunt you.