Rainy evening in Los Angeles

I really really hate rain

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It’s the day of the Oscars, and its been raining like mad all day today.  There are a few homeless people gathered under the eaves of the “for lease” building next to my apartment loudly chatting it up in the rain.  At least they seem happy.  I don’t, at all. I’ve never really liked rain, but I tolerated it in Indiana, where the summer rains are warm and gentle, and even the raucous thunderstorms have that sunshiney green glow that makes everything so very entertaining.

Here, it’s cold, biting and miserable. Any moment rain falls from the sky, I instantly feel like I’m coming down with a cold, and my throat glands swell, throb and a headache hits me like a freight train.

Like right now.


I can’t take it! Make it stop immediately!