I love light bulbs

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I like these light bulbs a lot!  Look at how cool they are!  Visit them here, and take a look for yourself.  The company says that they are liquid cooled – up to 40% more efficient than standard air-cooled lamps, and can be dimmed using a variety of dimmers.  I’ve seen them, and it is true, they have the same light distribution and performance as an incandescent light bulb, and only 13.5 watts, with no yellow quadrants when off, or dead bands when illuminated.

Liquid cooled.  Freaky, huh?


One thought on “I love light bulbs

  1. Ok, shocker… these bulbs are actually available for purchase in my hometown of Lafayette, IN – but aren’t available in Los Angeles. I guess we are too small of a town for them to bother selling them to us!

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