Fox Theatre, Riverside

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I’ve been lighting a production of Forever Plaid in Riverside at the newly remodeled Fox Theatre, and the photo above is from the ‘Tower Room’ that sits above the corner marquee and serves as a beacon to passing cars on the streets below.  Usually these architectural features are empty inside, and have no practical use, but this one has a fabulous lounge area.  I love it lots.


In case you didn’t know the story, the Fox Theatre in Riverside’s claim to fame is that Gone With The Wind was first shown here.  Rumor has it that the film was whisked out of Hollywood and that the canisters were switched from the Western that was playing at the Fox and that an unsuspecting audience was treated to the film.  Not sure why…  maybe they wanted to hear an honest audience’s reactions to the film, or maybe they needed to see how the film would be shown in theatres ‘in the wild’.


That information is lost in time now, so I doubt I’ll ever know…  but our little show is super pretty here, and I hope that the audiences love it!





[phone photo from the theatre]