Enough with the Board/Bored Posts

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I can’t help it.  And well, here’s another.  I think I just purchased my own lighting console.  A lighting board, if you would.  I cleared Bandit Lites out of Knoxville, TN to purchase a lighting console on my behalf and have it sent to me.  I looked into getting a personal line of credit through my bank, Wells Fargo, and while they decided that I have some pretty awesome credit score magic (807 what?) they politely declined to honor my request.  They say I have too much debt obligation for the amount of income I have.

Not fair.

Anyway, Chase has been more than willing to give me some 0% interest credit, and so I told my pal Chris at Bandit to get that lighting console in my hands.  I really hope it has that ‘new lighting console’ smell.  If all goes according to plan, I’ll be programming my first show on this console next week at the next GMCLA concert at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.

I hope it arrives soon.

Werq it Chris, werq it!

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