Casing the place

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Ok, I did buy that lighting console last year, and I’ve used it several times to make fun/cool/awesome shows this year.  However, its been sitting on the shelf for over a month, and a friend of mine asked if I would rent it to her for a show that was touring for a month…  but I didn’t have a road-case for it, I only had the cardboard box that the console shipped to me inside, and well, that wouldn’t do well on an airplane!

So, I’ve been working with a company called Olympic Cases from Tampa, Florida, and they totally rocked in getting the case to me in less time than promised, and it just looks so amazing to me.  Most road cases are very functional and utilitarian, and well, there is something very elegant and refined about this one.

I mean – look at it!  It has personality to spare!  Maybe I’m just partial to my own case, but there is a little less gaudy, and a little DESIGNED quality to the case that I really admire.

I can’t wait for it to be used, but I’m terrified of it showing any wear and tear. I’m like a worried parent!