Florida or bust… And we left! Sort of.

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The sun finally set, and we packed and packed, and I even had all of my carry-on bag buttoned up and ready to go on the kitchen table – helped as much as I could getting everything in its proper place before we left into the darkness. The RV is a loud and angry beast of a machine. It rumbles and bounces a bit, and everything that can rattle, does.  The creaks and moans seem to be everywhere, and the turn signal makes a beeping sound that is either like a great alarm clock, or that final 10 seconds of […]

Florida or Bust… Periscoping!

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Ok…  It’s almost time, and I’ve really got to start packing soon, because my dad is threatening to leave me here. If you want to watch some of the chaos happen, go to your Apple App Store, or your Google App Store, and download Periscope to your phone. Create an account, and then search for me: @syoungld And then it might ask if you would like to be notified when I am broadcasting, DO IT!  Then you will know everything about the trip, and well, you won’t miss out on anything. Any questions?  I didn’t think so.

On the road…. Florida or bust. 

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So.  I was duped. Conned. Swindled. They said to me…  Do you have to work right after Christmas? No, not really.  I mean, I’d like to be back before New Years, but that’s all. Great.  Then you are coming with us. And that’s how it happened. I had somehow agreed to travel with my mom, my dad, my sister, her husband, and even little dog Ande from Indiana down to Sarasota in a 36 foot long RV.  There is a bed in the back, on top of the loudest part of the RV and then a bathroom with toilet and […]

My Dinner with Kenny, June 29, 2015

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Seriously? Bicycles? We are arguing about bicycles? What has happened to this podcast?!?! Join Kenny and Steven as they scrape the bottom of the barrel, and come up empty handed – but its all very entertaining. Check it out!      

Fire off in the distance!

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And not really that far off into the distance, actually. The first of the brush fires of 2015 happened yesterday. Seems like it started at the 5 freeway, and grew to nearly 45 acres before being doused for good. This happened very close to my office, and choked off the main roadway that connects Los Angeles and well, everything north of Los Angeles. Last night, we all took alternate curving routes to avoid the area, but this morning I was able to drive by and see the charred remains. It started RIGHT AT the freeway, and extended down the crevasses […]

My Dinner with Kenny, June 9, 2015

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Have you ever had one of THOSE days…? When the podcast is filled with hiccups, strange noises, a moment where you have to stop and start again, and well, an ill timed 7 second delay? Kenny and Steven try valiantly to keep their composure and talk about all of the important things, but the universe conspires against them! Will they survive? Will MDWK triumph over technology? Will someone please turn off that beeping alarm?? Listen in for an episode like no other! Thanks to Emily Goodall for the introduction!    

My Dinner with Kenny, May 11, 2015

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The boys are thrilled to welcome back very special guest Erich Bergen as he shares the incredible story of performing at The White House with his fellow Jersey Boys where he met and chatted with President Obama, the First Lady, Vice President Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and more … zowee! You can almost hear Steven and Kenny sitting there with their mouths hanging open! Thanks to Jeremy Lelliott for that yummy introduction…    

My Dinner with Kenny, April 13, 2015

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The boys are back! This week, Steven and Kenny invade the International House of Pancakes on Sunset Boulevard and discuss the further developments in the LA 99 seat saga, plus the breaking news of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid announcement. We live in exciting times, with tasty lunches. Got a comment or question, email directly to the team to be included in next week’s podcast! Special thanks to Katie Pelensky of the Coeurage Theatre Company for the great introduction!    

Rainy evening in Los Angeles

I really really hate rain

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It’s the day of the Oscars, and its been raining like mad all day today.  There are a few homeless people gathered under the eaves of the “for lease” building next to my apartment loudly chatting it up in the rain.  At least they seem happy.  I don’t, at all. I’ve never really liked rain, but I tolerated it in Indiana, where the summer rains are warm and gentle, and even the raucous thunderstorms have that sunshiney green glow that makes everything so very entertaining. Here, it’s cold, biting and miserable. Any moment rain falls from the sky, I instantly feel like […]