A Typical Architectural Lighting Conversation

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So, we have to decide what we should call this Table Lamp that we are going to use on this project. A general description that will encompass any style Table Lamp, and not be bound by any genre, size, or intensity.

Let’s call it a Themed Surface Mounted Table Lamp.

No, we shouldn’t call it a lamp, because lamps are the actual light bulb inside, not the fixture itself.
Ok, let’s call it a Themed Surface Mounted Table Luminaire.

Good, but it should maybe not be called “themed”, because that insinuates that additional modifications would need to be made once the fixture arrives onsite.

Then we should call it a Decorative Surface Mounted Table Lamp.

Well, does it have to mount to a table? Should it just be called a Decorative Surface Mounted Luminaire. Or, really, I prefer Themed, so I think it should be a Themed Surface Mounted Luminaire

But “table lamp” is a sort of category of fixture type, so it should be there.

…and does table sort of imply surface mount? Maybe that should be removed?

Themed Table Lamp, then.

Not Lamp, Themed Table Luminaire.

No, it was better before. Themed Surface Mounted Table Lamp.

Not Lamp! Themed Surface Mounted Table Luminaire.