a quiet saturday morning

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What a week it has been! At the office, we created some pretty fine looking paperwork detailing our designs for a couple different and amazing projects, and got reallllllly close to finalizing another. Seems that all of my work these days is on paper, and the best I can say at the end of the week is that my desk is nearly cleared off, and all the reminder sticky notes on my monitor have been done and removed! Right now, I’m on the couch, enjoying a hot caramel something that I brewed out of the Keurig machine, and typing away on the computer.  Outside the windows, the hushed sounds of traffic on Lake Avenue can barely be heard. It is early, and no one is out and about yet.

This is my favorite time of the day, and my favorite day of the week.  Times like this, I can hear myself think, my thoughts can slowly and methodically come into being, and I see things more clearly than at any other time.

I blame my mother for this.  She’s always been an early riser, but I’ve never wanted to be.  My sister can sleep all morning on a Saturday, but I can’t.  She would read the morning newspaper sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of tea when I was a kid, I read gossip and news on an iPad while sitting on the couch, wrapped in a blanket. I think we are much the same, separated by a generation of technological leaps.

The sun is almost up now, and my little world is beginning to stir as well.  Goodbye peaceful morning, hello weekend.