James Turrell Wedgework

A long overdue update

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Yes it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything. However, I do want to take a moment to tell you about something really wonderful I had a chance to see. A few weeks ago James Terrell exhibit was being shown at the LA Museum of Art, and well, I got to be there on the final weekend.

I’ve seen a couple exhibits by James, most recently in Orange County, and love the things he can do with light. You see, he is a lighting artist. Which means he basically uses light and light sources to change our perception of what were actually seeing. He uses intensity and small cutouts in walls to fool people into thinking they are seeing something that isn’t actually there.

This photo is one of his works, and was in the upper floor of the exhibit. As a viewer, you walk into a pitch black room, turn a corner, and this scene plays out in front. I stumbled around a bit trying to find where the walls actually are, and also trying to find out if there’s a bench against the back wall where I could sit down and watch.

I know a lot about lighting, and that’s not bragging. But I could not figure out how this was done. Look at all of the discrete colors; there is no overlap, there is no glowing edges, there is no bleed out into the carpeted seating area.

I really have no idea. However, it’s really beautiful. And I’m so glad I have a chance to see it.