A heavy matter

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Ok, here’s the deal. I’ve told a few people this story, but I think the whole world has a right to know.

We own a fancy bathroom scale.

Yes. It weighs you, and yes, it knows it’s me, and not someone else. and yes, it will wirelessly deliver that data to my cell phone or other mobile device.

But there’s something more.

It also has been weighing my cat.


Mr. Spot, the youngest of the brood, has been caught – on a few occasions – sitting on top of the scales… at the strangest of times. I walked by, and he was sitting RIGHT ON the scales, staring back at me. He was sitting there, not even FACING the read-out, I really have no idea how he can see the display to know how much he weighs.

So, I’m going to post those weights here, in case he is reading this blog, maybe he’ll realize.

Feb 21, 11:14pm – 12.8lbs
Feb 21, 11:23pm – 12.8lbs
Feb 22, 04:321m – 13.0lbs
Feb 22, 05:28pm – 12.8lbs
Feb 25, 05:26pm – 13.0lbs
Mar 03, 08:52pm – 13.2lbs
Mar 04, 08:48am – 12.3lbs
Mar 13, 07:37am – 13.2lbs


Watch out Spotters, we’ll both be eating rice cakes for dinner soon.