You Could Hear a Pin Drop

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You may or may not follow the Apple Computer software updates, but recently they released their newest operating system, and with it, came updates to many of their featured application software.  Included in those updates was a sizable update to iPhoto that I had to install recently.

It didn’t really change the way that I sort or import photos, and really, I didn’t actually notice any real updates at all.  It all looks very much the same to my untrained eye.


I did see that the geotagging of photos can produce a map with pushpins that detail where in the world my photos were taken, and that, is pretty amazing.  The image shown above is from this new feature, and shows the span of travel I’ve taken in the past few years. All of my old travel, from say, 5-10 years ago – those don’t appear, since photos so old and archaic didn’t support this geotagging ability way back then.  I guess I’ll have to scan those actual film photos and pretend that I’m still in Germany, Australia, Italy and Belgium.